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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • A niche platform for all types of raw materials so One Stop Solution
  • Thousands of raw materials for all industries so Easy Sourcing
  • Classification of sellers as Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Retailer and Supplier so Relevant Match
  • Get in touch with seller at click of a button so Easy Connecting
  • Posted Inquiries are stored in buyer account so Ready Records


A buyer can find the required raw material product on RMI by various ways as under:

  • Check in Top Section Search Fields of website through various available combinations
  • Browse through the applicable Category and Products listed under it
  • Check in applicable Category’s Search Field
  • Check in Search Field of Multiple Response Form on home page


No, it is not must. A buyer with or without having an account on RMI, can send a product/business inquiry to any seller on RMI.

All inquiries sent by a registered buyer on RMI are stored in Inquiry History section with product, seller and requirement details under Manage Your Buyer Account as ready record. This can help a buyer immensely in the business say for Supplier Relationships, Quantity Calculations, Product Specifications, Requirement Frequencies, etc. various aspects.

Inquiries sent by non registered buyers who do not have buyer account on RMI are not stored.

Yes, buyer from India or world over can create account on RMI.

Buyer account is Free on RMI. And there is no other charge for inquiry posting

Click ‘Register’ on top right corner of website, select ‘As Buyer’ and follow steps. After successful registration, click ‘Manage Profile’ in Logged In Menu on top right corner and reach to ‘Manage Your Buyer Account’ section. Fill up all necessary details there and Save it.

You are done and your buyer account is created.

Seller receives the inquiry along with information of your selected mode of response like SMS/Mobile, Email or Both. Accordingly, seller will revert back to you at earliest on your requirement given.

No, it can not be guaranteed. Price, Product Spec and Company Details are directly mentioned by the sellers, and they can keep updating it. So these are subject to change. Buyer should check all these details with seller when they are in contact.

That particular seller will revert to you on your requirement.

If you have directly filled up Multiple Response Form of home page for your requirement then multiple sellers can revert to you.

But if you have clicked ‘Send Inquiry’ of a particular product card/seller first and selected multiple seller responses in ‘Inquiry Form’ in next step, then multiple sellers including that particular seller can revert to you.

Generally sellers are keen to respond to an inquiry as they are equally interested in business. And that is why they are here to sell. But it is Not Must or Obligatory for seller to respond. They will revert if they are interested in a particular inquiry.

Seller will try to revert as soon as possible to the buyer – may be within few minutes or hours, and in less case few days based on their availability and interest.

No, RMI do not participate in price negotiation. Buyer has to do this on his/her own.

No. After passing on the business inquiry from a buyer to seller(s), RMI has no role or responsibility whatsoever of any kind in any further process. RMI in its endeavour provides just an exclusive online platform for –

  • Buyers from India and abroad to source their requirement of raw material products of all types, and send business inquiry to / contact its sellers
  • Sellers from India to reach out to potential and serious buyers across India and World

So beyond the point of passing of an inquiry to seller(s), RMI will have no role in any function like sales finalization, payment and terms, delivery, after sales service, etc. The buyer and seller will have to carry out entire sales/business deal separately outside of RMI at their mutually agreed price & terms, and on their own.

Yes, a buyer can anytime click ‘Delete Account’ tab under Manage Your Buyer Account and follow steps. And that buyer account with all its details will be deleted immediately from RMI.

However, the Buyer details provided in Inquiry sent to Seller(s) will remain with the Seller(s).

A buyer account will always remain valid on RMI until deleted by its owner buyer.

Yes. A registered buyer from India can anytime switch to seller at the click of a button – click ‘Switch To Seller’ in Logged In Menu on top right corner and buyer account will be immediately switched to seller account. Now click ‘Manage Profile’ from Logged In Menu and reach to Manage Seller Account section.

Once switched, the seller account cannot be reversed to buyer account. Also, a buyer from Abroad/Outside of India can not switch to Seller because sellers from outside of India are currently not allowed on RMI.